About Us

WSHC Radio is a public radio station owned and operated by the Board of Governors of Shepherd University. Broadcasting at 89.7 on the FM radio band, WSHC’s 950-watt signal serves a 15-to-20 mile radius from its antenna atop Knutti Hall. WSHC has served the area on FM since 1974 and traces its roots to a 1949 radio program in cooperation with Martinsburg’s WEPM Radio. WSHC is also heard online at www.wshcradio.com and via the WSHC app at Radio FX.

WSHC serves as a co-currricular activity for Shepherd University students through the Department of Communications and New Media. Students produce campus-focused music, news, sports and talk programs.

WSHC is a partner of West Virginia Public Broadcasting, extending the statewide service of WVPB to the easternmost part of the Eastern Panhandle.

WSHC’s studios and offices are on the Ground Floor of Knutti Hall at Knutti G19.